Saturday, May 30, 2020
Lower Postage Rates for Advertising Mail, Bulk Mail, Non-profit mail and more can help expand your business.

Standard Class postage is the least expensive postage we can obtain for your direct mail project. To obtain these rates, your direct mail pieces will only qualify when they contain no personal data on the mailing specific to the recipient. Any personal information, financial or otherwise, is mandated to be mailed at First Class Postage.

Non-Profit Mailing: Standard class mail has one additional subcomponent referred to as Non-profit. Non-profit postage is at even lower postage rates. However, authorization for these rates must be applied for with the Post Office and does not relate to Non-profit enterprises identified by the IRS code. If your organization needs help navigating the NPO ‘waters’ ask an AutoSort representative.

Advertising Mail Savings: There are constantly changing postal regulations to comply with to assure your mail is eligible to qualify for the lowest postage rates. Inadvertent errors that violate postal regulations can force your direct mail to be elevated to regular First Class stamp rates, or even higher. Just like filing your taxes, you probably overpaid without the knowledge and planning of an experienced CPA. Small changes to the layout and design of your product can avoid surcharges and additional preparation fees such as extra tabbing (tape used to close a mail flyer), etc. Alleviate these burdens by utilizing AutoSort’s knowledgeable staff to navigate the regulations for you whether your business is located in Boise, Meridian, Nampa or Caldwell, Idaho.

It is our promise to stay current on postal regulations and offer the most up-to-date software to maximize postage savings. Including:

  • Free Advertising Mail Design Consultation Consultation to minimize processing fees & postage
  • Address Standardization to match the National Postal Directory
  • Postage Optimization
  • Duplicate Address Purging
  • Delivery Point Validation to ensure accuracy of your mail destination
  • NCOAlink to update addresses in your list for those who have moved.

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Bulk Mail versus First Class Mail:
The Post Office has multiple rate classifications. With advertising mail, there are two basic options: first class or bulk (standard) mail.

First class mail is personal and confidential and is processed at a higher priority than standard class mail. In Southwestern Idaho, the First Class mail delivery standard is next day, but can occasionally take longer. Standard Class mail delivery norm is delivery within three days and can occasionally take longer. It may also be delivered as quickly as next day depending on how busy the Post Office is.

This disparity can be magnified if you are sending out time-sensitive pieces all over the country. If you have a definite sale date, and a need to reach a dispersed target, a first class postcard may suit your needs better. Further, with our experience of the local post offices routine volume fluctuations we can coach you as to which day we should deliver your mail to meet the deadlines.

Contact an AutoSort representative to assure your mailing will qualify for the lowest possible postage rates while maintaining timely delivery by the Post Office.

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