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How Can You Expand Your Direct Mail Effectiveness?

Question: What benefit does an undeliverable direct mail piece have to your company? Answer: None. Every direct mail piece, regardless of class, has two things in common: the intended recipient and the address. When both are accurate and complete, the mail piece can be delivered quickly and easily to anywhere in the world from Boise, Caldwell, Meridian, Nampa or to any Treasure Valley business location.

If either the recipient has moved or the address is incorrect or missing an important addressing element, then the mail piece could become undeliverable-as-addressed (UAA) mail. This wastes your time, effort, and costs your company money. AutoSort is committed to making sure our clients’ direct mail, advertising mail, medical billing, invoice or statements are delivered accurately and efficiently. No one technique provides a 100% solution, but by processing your mail through our systems we can minimize your undelivered mail along with providing electronic files to update your data.


  • Address Standardization: Adding ZIP+4 coding and proper spelling to addresses.
  • Delivery Point Validation (DPV): This insures that there is an actual, physical mail box for that address.
  • National Change of Address Link (NCOAlink): To update addresses for those addressees who have moved and filed a change of address card at the Post Office.

Targeted Mailing Lists:
If you can’t find your customers, you can’t tell them all the benefits of working with your company. Target your market with direct mailing lists that accurately contact potential customers. AutoSort direct mail lists provide accurate and affordable residential leads that are continually updated. Our targeted direct mail lists will help you increase your customer base therefore increasing your sales. Target your prospects today!

We have access to millions of consumers utilizing the Nations top list providers to obtain comprehensive and accurate source consumer marketing data

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Full Service Options. Achieve Your Direct Mail Objectives
We can help you achieve your direct mail objectives effectively by optimizing the quality of your mailing list, customizing your letters, and streamlining the process. We offer:

  • List Merging and Purging:
    Working from multiple mailing lists? AutoSort can edit your lists’ addresses so they are all constructed in the same format, with no duplication. Our software allows us to identify duplicates by using a variety of match criteria for the same address such as a partial name.

  • List Maintenance:
    We can help keep your mailing list current. Use our data entry services to add, revise, and/or delete names and addresses. We will also process your list through our Address Standardization, DPV, and NCOAlink software to confirm the accuracy of the address.

  • Mail Merging
    We can print your letters with as many pages and varying fields as necessary. Our equipment automatically accumulates, folds, and inserts the letters directly into your envelopes—even multi-page documents.

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